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Winnett Earthmoving ADT Hire Albury

Winnett Earthmoving provide our clients with ADTs or articulated dump trucks for hire across New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland on earthmoving projects. Our Volvo A40G articulated dump trucks is a 40 tonne rated dump truck type used to transport bulk loads of loose earth materials from one site area to another. These heavy-duty tipper trucks are specifically designed to drive over rough terrain. We ensure our moxys are serviced to comply with quality and safety standards.

What are the functions of our ADTs?

We offer articulated tipper trucks that move and deposit bulk loads of aggregate, crushed rock, soil and other earth materials with its hydraulically powered open-top tipper. Our ADTs can handle lower ceiling heights and restricted turning radiuses. There is an ease of manoeuvrability and pivoting that our ADTs can undertake with its articulated steering point. When operating on rough terrain, our ADTs are capable of levelling all its six wheels on the surface by engaging its all-wheel drive. Each wheel on our ADT is wide to help the spread load being carried. It also has an adaptive suspension that is capable of working on a 35% incline.

Winnett Earthmoving ADT Hire Albury

Our Skilled ADT Operators

Our articulated dump trucks are available for wet hire which means one of our operators will assist your earthmoving project. All our operators are highly experienced and qualified with the relevant training requirements to safely perform operating tasks in a timely manner to the highest standard.

Winnett Earthmoving ADT Hire Albury

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ADT Hire Locations

Winnett Earthmoving offer wet ADT hire across New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland on earthmoving construction projects in Albury, Tumut, Holbrook, Corryong and Melbourne.

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