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Winnett Earthmoving 8000L Water Cart Hire Albury

Winnett Earthmoving offers quality vacuum excavation results with our vacuum trucks available for hire across New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland. Our sucker truck is regularly maintained and updated to facilitate safe and convenient operation. The safety features of the 3000 litre Vac-U-Digga sucker truck entail a flashing light, reversing alarm and service records. You can trust Winnett Earthmoving for vacuum truck hire to successfully perform commercial and residential vacuum excavation projects.

What is the Vacuum Excavation process?

Our Vac-U-Digga vacuum truck has the capacity to hold up to 3000 litres of earth material or debris. Safely uncover services, electrical, plumbing or even dig around tree roots without harm to the tree. Vacuum excavation involves the following process:

  • High pressurised water is used to loosen and disperse dirt, clay, sand, grass, mud, rocks and solid surfaces in the underground site area.
  • Strong airflow suction is delivered through suction fans that are powered by the Kubota powered vacuum engine.
  • The operator can extract up to 3000 litres of liquid waste or earth material through the hose with strong airflow suction and into the storage tank ready for safe disposal.

Winnett Earthmoving 8000L Water Cart Hire Albury

Our Vacuum Truck Plant

Winnett Earthmoving can provide your next digging construction project with our sucker truck available for wet hire:

  • Fuso Vac-U-Digga 3000 Litre Unit Sucker Truck
Winnett Earthmoving 8000L Water Cart Hire Albury

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Wagga Wagga





Vacuum Truck Hire Locations

Winnett Earthmoving offer wet vacuum truck hire across New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland on digging construction projects in Albury, Tumut, Wagga Wagga, Holbrook, Corryong, Upper Murray and Melbourne.

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Complete our online contact form or give us a call to discuss hiring our vacuum truck for your next digging project. We’ll create a free personalised quote for vacuum excavation across NSW, VIC, SA and QLD. No matter the scale or difficulty of your vacuum excavation project, we are here to meet and complete your requirements.

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